Case Study

Standing Out in the Crowded Real Estate Investing Sector

Benedict Canyon Equities

The Project

Timely Rebrand for a Growing Investment Firm

Benedict Canyon Equities acquires and improves Class-B multifamily residential properties in the Western U.S.

Preparing for its third real estate investment fund raise, BCE engaged us for investor communications that would reflect the firm's industry standing and successful track record. The firm was in growth mode, planning to raise a large capital target and take advantage of new market opportunities.

The Logo

BCE’s logo had never fully satisfied its leadership. It was a necessary part of business, but nothing to get excited about. We identified that the existing logo (below, left) contained a graphic of a down-trending bar graph—it had to be replaced immediately with something that would properly represent a growing investment firm.

The existing logo had an evident issue: a down-trending bar graph.

We developed a variety of concepts centered around multifamily apartments, western coastal markets, and ideas related to BCE’s core real estate investing business.

The final result is a graphic inspired by the stacked balconies of BCE’s multifamily apartment buildings with the letters “B,” “C,” and “E” within. Sharp, contemporary typography gives the company name a high-performance feel that’s not out of place in real estate but that also distinguishes BCE from its competitors.

Applied to BCE’s business system, the new logo gave the firm professional presence as it prepared for increased outreach activity and its upcoming capital raise.

Investor Communications with Impact

A cornerstone for the revitalized brand, we entirely redesigned and rewrote the BCE's Private Placement Memorandum ahead of the firm's third fund launch. Hiring us to handle the entire package freed the firm’s leadership to focus on acquisitions, investor relations, and building momentum for the capital raise.

We designed the PPM to read like a magazine for a time-compressed audience. A businesslike presence helped the PPM stand out on prospective investors' desks and established a strong look-and-feel for the brand. The rewrite streamlined and clarified the firm's investment strategy and approach, and included substantial market research.

The Website

An overhaul of BCE’s website gave prospective investors a clear understanding of the firm’s track record and value creation strategy.

Key metrics, like acquired value and units acquired, are updated from a central admin panel and propagate site wide, eliminating tedious hunt-and-replace content management.

The Website:

  • Design, copywriting, and SEO
  • Custom WordPress theme developed in partnership with Medium Studios.
  • Responsive to all viewports.
  • Animated page builds and key metrics.


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Design Means Business

SBCE began successfully raising capital for Fund III while steadily increasing its volume and calbier of acquisitions. The new brand gave the firm a degree of authority commensurate with the firm’s achievements, and the PPM significantly stood out in a sea of prospectuses competing for high-net-worth investors’ attention.