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A Complex Site Built on a Simple Concept

Los Angeles Conservancy Website

We redesigned on the strategy of “Approachable Authority” to support the Conservancy’s friendly approachability as an organization and its authoritative knowledge about the architectural history of Los Angeles. 

The fully responsive site reformats to all screen sizes and enables the Conservancy to quickly publish new content as issues, events, and announcements arise.

To organize the site’s thousands of pages of content, we conceptually approached it as a news publication instead of a brochure. Site mapping and wireframing gave way to a vibrant design concept that is deceptively simple, organizes content by visitors’ interests, and connects related content.

  • Los Angeles Conservancy homepage preservation tab by YYES
  • Los Angeles Conservancy homepage historic sites tab by YYES
  • Los Angeles Conservancy homepage tour tab by YYES
  • Los Angeles Conservancy homepage membership tab by YYES

An extremely simple custom icon set lets the Conservancy call attention to items of interest while the basic, modern design of the icons doesn't interfere with the content or the architecture on display.

Making the site mobile friendly was a prime directive so that users could explore architecture on the go all over Los Angeles County.

An in-depth event management system allows the Conservancy to schedule events well in advance and manage ticket sales in connection with its CRM.

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Design Means Business

After launching the site, sessions are up 280% over the old site and pageviews have increased 226% on average—a testament to the site's intuitive organization and presentation of the Conservancy’s content.