Brand Case Study

Refreshing a Brand for the Next Generation of its Clients

Marquette Asset Management

A Brand Evolution that Retained Equities

Marquette Asset Management provides integrated wealth management services for individuals, families, and institutions.

Founded by Minnesota’s Pohlad family and now a subsidiary of UMB Financial, Marquette Asset Management specializes in personalized investment management and fiduciary services. Part of a family of companies, Marquette had strong existing brand assets but wanted to refine both how it presented itself and the story it communicated.

Leaving an Impression

A services and capabilities brochure and document folio gave the firm a vehicle for making positive impressions on prospective clients and their advisors.

Working closely with leadership in discovery sessions, we developed content that explained Marquette’s strategy, approach, and high-touch service. A photo shoot in the firm’s stunning Minneapolis offices established Marquette as modern and forward thinking, while our choices for paper and print techniques gave the brochure tactile impact.



  • 8¾"x11½"
  • Neenah Oxford paper
  • CMYK plus PMS colors offset printed by Shapco
  • Photography by Jerry Lee


Creating Presence Online

We determined that most of Marquette’s website visitors are looking to pre-qualify the firm ahead of an in-person meeting with an advisor.

Clear navigation and straightforward, organized content lay out the firm’s services, strategy, and value proposition. The site’s look-and-feel aligns with the firm’s printed brochure for a cohesive, considered presentation.



  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Responsive to all viewports
  • Optimized for audiences with aging eyesight
  • Developed in partnership with Westwerk
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The firm’s business cards—double-thick Neenah Oxford paper, printed both sides, and with an embossed logo on the front that leaves a mirror-image, un-inked deboss of the logo on the card’s back—are a physical representation of Marquette’s high-touch client service.


Design Means Business

The firm’s brochures, website, document template system, and emails all use custom photography and clear, direct messaging, creating a brand that is at once sophisticated business and Midwest-approachable.